Black lives matter.

I have been at a loss for words.

But I know that is unacceptable.

Silence is unacceptable.

The systemic racism and oppression that is baked into our culture, our country is unacceptable.

The senseless deaths of black and brown people at the hands of those with power of position and privilege are unacceptable.

I will use my privilege to stand up and speak up, knowing that I may not always do the right thing or say the right thing, knowing that I may get it wrong. But I will strive to learn [1, 2], to act [1], to be open, and to do better.

Where words fail me, I will use my wallet, recognizing my privilege in being able to do so.

To support my profession, I made a second donation to we here, “a supportive community for BIPOC library and archive workers.”

To support my local protesters, I donated to The Bail Project.

I can do more. I can do better.

Black lives matter.